Proceedings of the MCEER Workshop for Seismic Hazard Mitigation of Health Care Facilities

Edited by George C. Lee, Mohammed Ettouney, Mircea Grigoriu, Jerome Hauer, Joanne Nigg

MCEER-00-0002 | 03/29/2000 | 134 pages

Keywords: Health care facilities.  Hospitals.  Medical facilities.  Post earthquake functionality.  Structural response.  Nonstructural components.  Emergency management.  Social issues.  Economic issues.  Preparedness.  Architectural components.  Mechanical components.  Elevators.  Water supply systems.  Electrical systems.  Communications systems.  Furniture.  Fire protection systems.

Abstract: The workshop was convened to examine how to ensure continued functionality of health care facilities during and after earthquakes.  The workshop was arranged to reflect the key elements that lead to post-earthquake functionality: 1) structural behavior; 2) nonstructural components; 3) emergency management issues; and 4) social and economic issues.  Participants focused on defining and identifying subsystems; the features and performance requirements of health care facilities; how practices in the eastern US differ from those in the western US; and how California's experience can be modified and applied in the eastern US.  This report summarizes the deliberations and conclusions that resulted from the workshop.  The discussions of each group (or integrated group) are summarized.  Each chapter contains a brief description of the tasks of each group as well as a short summary of the conclusions.  A general summary is presented at the end of the report.  The appendices contain the workshop agenda, a list of participants, presentation materials used by the participants, a comprehensive list of nonstructural components that pertain to health care facilities, and a social/economic statement.  (Abstract adapted from text).