March 24th, 2015: 2:30 PM-3:30 PM, Jarvis Hall room 223 University at Buffalo, North Campus

Professor Linda Boyle.

Venky Shankar, Ph.D. Professor Pennsylvania State University

A behavioral spatio-temporal framework for network wide estimation of nonmotorized travel in urban grids

Abstract: : In this talk, the estimation of pedestrian exposure on a network wide basis will be discussed from a statistical model development standpoint. Pedestrian exposure data is crucial for a variety of purposes: for evaluation of sustainability of modal shifts, for evaluation of activity response to technological interventions, for consistent estimation of pedestrian risk in vehicle-pedestrian collisions, and for other sustainability assessments relating to energy use and recycling. Further, network topology influencing pedestrian travel needs to be incorporated in a manner that allows for time of day estimation models. A statistical framework incorporating these issues will be presented along with example models from the downtown grid in Seattle. Implications for bridging the framework with various transportation-related aspects of sustainability analysis will be presented along with conclusions and findings from the statistical model.