Student Testimonials

Students touring the Behling Simulation Center.

Students touring the Behling Simulation Center at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

What were the high points of the program?

2019 CLIMB UP Scholars

“ The research Experience”

“There were a few high points in the program for me. The first day when we met everyone and played games that allowed us to get to know one another. The Friday that we toured the medical school was great and nobody all summer topped the speaker for that day”






2018 CLIMB UP Scholars

“Being able to see the work I have been working on all summer on a poster and feeling accomplished”


“Working with cell culture and bacteria culture--these are things I've learned about a lot in class and it was really awesome to work with them in real life. Visiting Niagara falls was also very cool--I really enjoyed the wind tunnel. I also really enjoyed the presentations every single Wednesday--I thought it was really inspiring and interesting to listen to the stories of how these individuals discovered which professions they chose to pursue. Presentation day was a lot of fun too.”

2017 CLIMB UP Scholars

“ Meeting new people and presenting my research”


“The program provided me the opportunity to improve my communication skills”

Students in a Lab Skills Course.

Students in a Lab Skills Course

What might you tell a prospective CLIMB UP student who is preparing to come to Buffalo?

2019 CLIMB UP Scholars

“ There’s a lot more in Buffalo than what people speak about. It’s important to visit places in Buffalo when here in order to learn about their rich culture and how diverse the city is”

“ Be prepared to work hard but have an amazing experience”

2018 CLIMB UP Scholars

“Visit canal side and really immerse yourself in the Buffalo culture because its GREAT.”


“Take full advantage of the opportunity of conducting research somewhere new and as intensive”

2017 CLIMB UP Scholars

“ Be prepared to eat a log of good food and make friends with people who can take you to the best places that aren’t easily accessible by public transportation”

“Take advantage of the festivals and sight seeing”

Students at CTRC Day.

Students touring the Clinical and Translational Research Center

Reflecting back on your research interests at the start of the program, what scientific topic covered in the program  provided the greatest increase in knowledge or awareness for you 

2019 CLIMB UP Scholars

“ The various career paths available in the sciences”


“Guest seminar such as the student panel helped me understand some realities of graduate/medical school. The various speakers also helpful in helping me realize some of the things to work on and to be aware of as we continue chasing our career goals”


2018 CLIMB UP Scholars

“I learned a lot about autism that I feel will be beneficial to further understand it in the future as a medical doctor”


“I learned a lot about nutrition and I was already interested before but learning about metabolism further increased my interest in diet and nutrition”

2017 CLIMB UP Scholars

“ Very educational and informative, I know much more about my options and what is out there!”

“Being matched with the lab I worked in gave me an appreciation for the work they do there and has taught me that I would like to continue working in a similar field”

Students at UB Summer Research Day.

Students at UB Summer Research Day

Students on trip to Reinstein Woods.

Students visiting Reinstein Woods Nature Center in Buffalo NY