iSEED Summer Research Projects, By Year

Violeta Rosario BMI and Pressure to Eat within Food Insecure Households  
Marianna Moreno  Indoor Air Pollution Intervention During Pregnancy  
Cydney Blake Assessing the Impact of TKIs on OATP1B1  
Janissa Medwid Cancer's Achilles Heel: Amino Acid Deprivation and PDT Combination Therapy  
Gianna Ruggio Temporal Progression of Oral Mucositis in a 5-FU based Mouse Model  
Aadhiti Chendil Interaction of Bacterial Outer Membrane Vesicles with Macrophage  
Alex Maldonado The Role of Metal Ion (Mg2+) Dependence on Beta-Gal Catalysis  
Dianna Solis Quality of Life in Smokers with and without HIV: The Impact of Comorbid Conditions  
Kritzia Rosado The Effect on Nanoparticles on Mouse Lungs   
Leslie McClinton III Post-Translational Modification of the Glucocorticoid Receptor Induction in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer  
Elaye Ekiyor Detection of Selenoprotein Expression in Cultured Endothelial Cells Exposed to Different Flows using the Abby System  
Riess Lessey-George Dielectric Elastomer Actuator Rotary Motor  
Vanshika Khattar Mindfulness and Symptom Management in Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension  
Camryn Blake Development of an Implementation Support Tool for Nurses Providing Telemedicine-Based Care  

Valerie Lepore Optimizing Phosphatidylserine Liposome Composition  
Destiny Overton  Analyzing the Effect of Different Antibody Drug Conjugate Payloads on Retinoblastoma Cell Lines  
Olivia Maday Regulation of Dopamine Fibers in the Prefrontal Cortex by Day Length  
Amanda Holowatyj Effect of Zinc bound Salivary Peptide Histatin 5 on Candida auris survival  
Marissa Camacho Uncovering Pro[hages in the Oral Commensal Neisseria lactamica  
Danielle Usinski Perfecting the Nanoparticle Carrier in Immunotherapy Treatment  
Nathaniel Suarez Lead Exposure in Young Children: Effects on Hearing and Vision  
La Shon Webb The Effect of Stearic Acid on the Encapsulation Efficiency of Rifampin  
Vanessa Schoen Identifying Genes Regulating Motility in Shiga Toxin Encoding E. Coli