iSEED Summer Research Projects, By Year


Amanda Gamwo Discovering Sleep in Military Families: Do Male Soldiers' Charecteristics Significantly Impact Female Civilian Partners" Sleep?
Nashali Massa  Effects of Post-weaning Social Isolation on Social Circuits
Lauren Heinzinger IL-13 Delivered by Multilameller Liposomes Mitigates Upregulation of Checkpoint Molecules on Human Tumor Specific T Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment
Mebrhit Meheretab Behavioral Characteristics of Wild Type & APP/PS1 Mice
Malaike Addo Usability Study Associated with Devices Used in Homes
Beatrice Gonzalez Identification of the ganglioside receptors on B Cancer cells required by the bacterial toxin LT-Ilctopromoter cytotoxicity
Yuribel Rosario Protein Purification and Extraction of Gis2 and Zfn9 from Cryptococcus neoformans
Amanda Pollard  The Comparison of Subjective Sleep measures in Lung cancer patient survivors with insomnia
Hannah Dougherty Using Electrospinning to M Flow Diversion Designs
Destinee Bledsoe The role of p38y on Oligodendrocyte Pregenitors 
(OPC) differentiation and remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis
Makayla Roma Early Predictors of Functional Decline
Jasmine McClain Treating PTSD using Narrative Exposure Therapy


LeDaniel Sims Cold Plasma Treatment for Biomedical Scaffolds
Renato Quinones Associations Between Traffic Pollution and Autism Spectrum Disorders
Taylor Gietschier Weight regain after Bariatric Surgery: Exploring Pre- and Post-operative mental health
Blessing Hunsu Monocarboxylate transporter 6 (MCT6) as a determinant of cisplatin ototoxicity
Astrid Gutierrez Wnt Signaling and Glucose Oxidation
Daisy Zavala Decentering as a Moderator of the Association of Stress with Depression
Simone John-Vanderpool Does Vasopressin Act in the Anterior Hypothalamus to Regulate Ultrsonic Vocalizations in Rats?
John Lepore An Investigation of Commensal Immune Interactions Altered by Oral Pathogens
Ashirah Simpson Validation of Waist Circumference through Visceral Adiposity
Yadilyz Caballero Developing a scFv-protamine against CXCR4
Christopher Baker Augmented Reality Gamification for Lower Extremity Rehabilitation 
Tiffany Chen The Effects of Virtual Reality on Gait among Adults with Multiple Sclerosis
Raquel Gomez HIV viral proteins contribute to telomere legnth shortening in Microglia: Implication for Accelerated HIV-1 associated Neurocognitive Disorders