Biomedical Research Day.


Here are important things to keep in mind about the iSEED Summer Research Experience.

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When should I arrive at UB?

 May 29, 2017 - August 4, 2018

Participants flying or driving to Buffalo, we ask that you arrive on Tuesday, May 29th.  Participants may depart the evening of August 3rd or Saturday, August 4th.  Requests for alternate arrival and departure dates must be discussed prior to program start date. 

Is housing provided?

On-campus housing is available for students who live 50+ miles outside of Buffalo.  Housing will be arranged at UB's South Campus.   You may choose to ship your linens (sheets/towels) to the dorms (which is the most economical option) or we can make arrangements for you to rent linens (includes two sheets, blanket, a pillow and pillowcase, and one bath, hand and face towel).   

If you have any special needs, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate you.  Specific details are forthcoming.  For more on UB Housing, visit their website.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide funds to students to cover housing costs for local residents or those who opt to live in off-campus housing.   

We recommend that you ship your own linens here—get a set of X-long twin sheets and a comforter, and a few towels, if you don’t already have them. Rental prices are high—about $17 a week, so students find it is often more economical to ship or bring them with you. Fans can be rented ($8/week) here—although a better option would be to buy one when you arrive- there are stores within walking distance (Walgreens, TOPS). Gym access is typically paid for by the program.

Will I have wireless internet access?

Yes. The wireless network, UB_Guest, is available to all campus visitors with a valid e-mail address. In addition, you will receive a UBIT name (email address) and password during your first week here so that you will have access to all UB computing networks.

Who will be my research mentor?

You will be paired with a research mentor based on your interests for the summer-decisions will be made during April 2018. Your mentor will contact you prior to start of the program and will likely send you some articles so that you can learn more about your summer project.

What should I bring?

1-      SHIPPING YOUR BELONGINGS: For those of you staying in campus housing, you are welcome to ship your bedding/towels, clothes, etc directly to the dorm via UPS or FedEx, etc for delivery before your arrival on Tuesday, May 30th. This will make it easier so that you don’t have to check too much stuff at the airport. Keep in mind that you are responsible for paying for this shipment, and you cannot be reimbursed for it.

2-      PACK LIGHTLY. Bring comfortable clothes (jeans, capris, t-shirts are fine) for the lab—but remember that you will need to bring long pants and sneakers/shoes to wear to lab. You cannot wear shorts or open-toed shoes in the lab. You will also want to bring 1 or 2 “dressy” outfits that you would wear out to dinner, and more importantly, to a scientific conference. At the end of the Summer you will be presenting your work at a research symposium, and we expect that you look professional. You’ll also want to bring a jacket/hoodie (or more) for cooler days/evenings (or air conditioning!).

Who's going to do my laundry?

You are... and for your convenience, washing machines and dryers are located in every residence hall and apartment building. Laundry machines are available free-of-charge to students living on-campus.

What is the weather really like in Buffalo?

Our summers are traditionally mild and pleasant with breezes from nearby Lake Erie keeping temperatures moderate and humidity low. This "Oasis Effect" makes Western New York's summer weather among the most spectacular in North America. The average daytime temperature in July is a comfortable 80 degrees. Buffalo receives a higher percentage of sunshine - and significantly less rain - than much of the United States in the summer months. The severity of Buffalo's winter weather is greatly exaggerated by the national media. While the Weather Channel likes to make much of the occasional snowstorm in this part of the country, we are fortunate to be free of the hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, floods, and earthquakes that routinely beset other regions. In fact, for much of the year, Buffalo is blessed with a moderate climate. Temperatures below zero are quite rare in Western New York and the National Weather Service in Buffalo has never recorded a reading above 100 degrees. In other words--- dress for Summer!

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