IPCC Seed Funding Awards

Comprehensive In-home Monitoring for Post Stroke Mobility

Primary Investigator—Ehsan T. Esfahani, PhD

School of Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

Assistant Professor

Award: $6,998

Project Summary:  Current physical rehabilitation of stroke patients is primarily hospital centric and is directed towards Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). However, due to economic pressures on the U.S. health care system, patients are receiving less therapy and going home without regaining the whole functionality of their body. Moreover, many patients after their acute in-patient rehabilitation face many barriers to continued rehabilitation upon their returning home, including but not limited to difficulty with transportation, financial burden, lack of access to further follow up instruction and problem-solving instruction, this is especially true for patients who lives in rural area. The proposed project addresses the above stated problem with an innovative wireless monitoring system. This system will provide instant, accurate, reliable information about functional task engagement, motor/movement recovery and compliance on daily basis. Further, based on the monitored data, daily or weekly feedback will be provided about the progress and recommended therapy.