IPCC Seed Funding Awards

Cyber-empathic healthcare prognostics: Using sensor integrated shoe inserts to support prognostics to mitigate falling in an aging population

Primary Investigator—Andrew Olewnik, PhD

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Director of Experiential Learning Programs and Adjunct Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Award: $7,000

Project Summary:  We propose to investigate critical features in developing an “extended care-network”. The envisioned network is based upon extension of current research in the area of cyber-empathic design to the area of healthcare prognostics. Specifically, we propose to use a sensor-integrated shoe platform in conjunction with mobility tests for screening a population at-risk of falling. This exploratory research phase represents a first step toward (i) potential improvements to current fall-risk screening methods; (ii) prognostic information that provides feedback to at-risk individuals and others in the extend care-network in real time; (iii) diagnostic information for healthcare providers to develop personalized intervention strategies; and (iv) data that supports interventions in the form of improved footwear design. These outcomes represent important steps in reducing risk of falling and maintaining independence for at-risk individuals.