UB Scholars at Risk Residential Fellowship Program

Residential Fellowship Program

Process for Nominating and Selecting Fellows

The UB SAR Fellowship Program is administered by the Office of International Education (OIE), in collaboration with the deans and an inter-decanal Selection Committee. Nominations of eligible scholars for the UB SAR Residential Fellowship may be submitted directly by the deans for consideration by the Selection Committee; alternatively, the deans may identify areas of need and request a Scholar Search that OIE will facilitate in consultation with UB’s international partners, SAR and IIE-SRF. The Scholar Search will identify eligible scholars vetted by SAR or IIE-SRF who fit the faculty needs identified by the deans. Scholars recommended to UB by SAR or IIE-SRF must be endorsed by the cognizant dean and approved by the Selection Committee.


The deans will submit Scholar Search requests by October 3, 2022; direct nominations of specific scholars recommended by the deans for SAR Residential Fellowships are due by Feb. 1, 2023. These deadlines will afford OIE, UB’s international partners, and the Selection Committee sufficient time to conduct scholar searches and to vet nominations in order that selected scholars may take up their fellowship appointments in fall semester.

Funding and Duration

Up to two UB SAR Residential Fellowships will be awarded per year. Each fellowship will be for a 12-month appointment, beginning in fall semester, with a salary/stipend totaling at least $50,000. Each fellowship will be cost-shared by the host school and the Provost. The extension or renewal of the SAR Residential Fellowship will be at the discretion of the dean; however, the Provost’s cost-share is limited to one year.