Strategic Partners

UB works with strategic partners on several continents to collaborate on educational programs, research, and faculty and student exchange.

  • Brock University, Canada
    The new joint Master of Arts in Canadian-American Studies is offered by Brock University and the University at Buffalo (UB), which is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system
  • 7/11/19
    The first U.S. university to enter China following the normalization of relations with that country, UB quickly established historic overarching agreements with leading institutions in Beijing—Beijing University of Technology, Capital Normal University and Capital Medical University. During the past 35 years, faculty and student exchanges have continued with all three partners, with hundreds of Chinese and UB participants involved.
  • 7/11/19
    Amrita University is a multi-campus, multi-disciplinary research university that is accredited 'A' by NAAC and is ranked as one of the best research universities in India. The university is spread across five campuses in three states of India - Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, with the University headquarters at Ettimadai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
  • 7/11/19
    Since their bilateral exchange agreement in 1993, UB and Konan University, a private institution in Kobe, Japan, have greatly expanded their cooperative scope. Konan has been a popular destination for UB students wishing to study Japanese language and culture. The universities have partnered on innovative undergraduate programs aimed at preparing globally competent Japanese managers for the international business environment of the 21st century.
  • 7/11/19
    Founded in 1346, the Jagiellonian University (JU) is Poland’s oldest and most distinguished university. During +the past 20 years, extensive cooperation and faculty and student exchange have occurred across many faculties at each institution. Relations with JU have greatly strengthened Polish studies at UB and the university’s ties to the large Polish community of Western New York.
  • 10/21/20
    Partnering on 6 University at Buffalo undergraduate degree programs delivered at the SIM campus, enrolling some 1,500 students.