Mission & Strategy


The Office of International Education seeks to promote and support the comprehensive internationalization of the university.


For the past decade, UB has implemented a strategic plan for comprehensive internationalization approved by senior leadership encompassing three broad dimensions—the student experience, the faculty and the institution as a whole.

Student Experience

  • Integrate global content and perspectives throughout the curriculum.
  • Strengthen foreign language and area studies.
  • Provide international opportunities from the first year.
  • Send more students abroad.
  • Offer more international cultural programming.
  • Instill and credentialize global competence.
  • Integrate international students and make them a resource for domestic students


  • Facilitate faculty engagement in internationalization efforts.
  • Recognize international research, teaching and service in tenure and promotion.
  • Eliminate barriers and create incentives to internationally oriented work.
  • Encourage and reward participation in study abroad,exchanges and international research.
  • Leverage the experiences and networks of international faculty and researchers.


  • Increase visibility of UB’s international identity and engagement.
  • Monitor and publicize international activities across the institution.
  • Integrate the internationalization agenda within administrative structures university-wide.
  • Reorganize foreign language instruction to enhance language learning.
  • Strengthen institutional infrastructure for area studies.
  • Pursue a strategic approach to international partnerships.
  • Enhance ongoing engagement of international alumni with UB.
  • Increase philanthropic support for international education.
  • Make UB an international resource for the larger community.