Industrial and Systems Engineering

Davis Hall, North Campus


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Students in a research lab smiling.

By Leonard Arambam | Undergraduate | Electrical Engineering
International Student Ambassador

Why I chose my major

I came to UB to learn how to run my own business, so at first I enrolled as an economics major. I ended up switching majors my freshman year to industrial and systems engineering.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I should shift majors, but now I’m glad I did! I knew the UB engineering school was very good, and hard, but I took a science stream in high school so I was familiar with some of the concepts. I also took some basic science and math courses at UB, like chemistry, to get ready.

I like working with people, so I really think this major is going to help me. I’m interested in systems management, and now I’m learning how to improve systems efficiency in manufacturing.


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