Snow-tubing History!

Ellicottville, Buffalo NY


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Esther portrait.

By Esther Kyung Ah Chung | Undergraduate | Biological Sciences
International Student Ambassador

SNOW, Snow, and more snow!

The white winters of Buffalo always come as a fascinating Wonderland to me—the snow is everlasting, and forever falling from the sky! 

And what better way than to use this opportunity to play in this snow?

International Students snow-tubing.

I’ve never gone skiing, so I’m always afraid of planting my face into the snow in the beginner’s level course. So I chose to go with ISSS (International Students and Scholar Services) to go snow tubing! ISSS is the office that deals with lots of international students and hosts events to help life at UB become more exciting! With a small fee, I was able to join the snow tubing crew with a bunch of other undergrad and graduate international students.

We took a 40-minute drive to a nearby snow hill where they lent out tubes to speed down the slope! Along with my friends, we created a variety of ways to speed down the slope: a two-person chain, a three-person chain, a four-person circle... and finally, a 30-person train down the track.

It was a historic moment. We beat the record of that snow tubing park: a 24-person chain! In fact, it was so historic that we had to record a video of it! The slope down was one that I’ll never forget!

After several trips up and down the slope, we gathered for hot cocoa and talking in the small building nearby. We were sore and worn out, but the money, time, and the aching body parts were DEFINITELY worth it!


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