Hear From Our Students

The best way to learn about UB is to hear from the people who know us best, our students!

"I am very welcomed here. I actually don't miss home at all because UB feels like my second home."
"At UB you don't have restrictions. That is one thing that really helped me to grow inside and out. Every single step, everything I did at UB helped me get my job offers."
"Studying in UB, I love how I can always discover something new. I’m truly grateful as it has expanded my horizons and capacity to prepare for future challenges."
"I was very shy before college. But I'm completely opposite now. Everyone at UB is so friendly and helpful, which helped build my personality and gave me an entirely different outlook."


"Besides knowledge, studying in UB with people from different nations and cultures with different beliefs and backgrounds helps me keep the motivation to explore new things and find my own way of seeing and understanding. It is exciting and amazing."
“I chose UB because I could get help from a lot of different sources there. I often went to professor's office hours and I got a lot of good advice. Those relationships helped me a lot.”
"It’s very hard to explain how much diversity UB really has. Everyone at UB is extremely welcoming and open to different backgrounds and cultures."


"I like the diversity here in UB. While studying, I met people who have different backgrounds and different cultures. We learn from each other because we have different perspectives."