World-Renowned Faculty

Professor of Chemistry Luis A. Colon with a student in his lab.

Award winning chemistry professor, Dr. Colon helps his students get hands on experience in the lab.

At UB, your professors are committed to lead by example and to prepare you for what’s next. UB has more than 2,200 highly trained faculty who rank among the very best in their fields. Recognized nationally and internationally as outstanding teachers, world-class scholars and dedicated mentors, they engage in research that advances existing knowledge and improves quality of life all over the world.

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Experts in the field, excellence in the classroom

SUNY Chancellor Award.

While a majority of our faculty conduct research, teaching is vital to UB’s mission. More than 180 UB faculty members have been awarded the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching — the most of any SUNY institution.

Now that's impressive!

Our faculty members have won such prestigious awards as the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, National Medal of Science, National Medal of Technology, MacArthur Foundation “genius award,” and Guggenheim Fellowships.

Professors who help you thrive

Prof. Welch and his students discuss effective teaching styles

Political science professor Claude Welch inspires his students to ask questions.

Prof. Cerne and his students discuss how they learn from each other

Physics professor John Cerne learns from his students while teaching them.

Prof. ram and her students discuss collaborations in research

Pavani Ram's students gain a global perspective in public health.

Researchers who open doors

Undergraduate students are an integral part of faculty research at UB. Our professors and instructors help you gain firsthand experience with a wide range of new technologies, ideas and methodologies. You’ll get to work closely with these world-class scholars in class, in lab settings and in field work.

You can also connect more closely with faculty through our innovative learning communities, including the Undergraduate Academies, and University Honors College.

Faculty-student research highlights

YouTube Video of ping pong volcano experiment

UB scientists detonate ping pong balls to study volcanoes

YouTube video of teens using the driving simulator

Driving simulator safely teaches teens how to get behind the wheel

YouTube video of creation of the honey bee habitat

Architecture students design an award-winning honey bee habitat

 Wooden bridge spanning a raging river.

Engineering students design bridge for rural Kenyans

The team of UB students and their professor.

UB students join NASA in a high-flying, low-gravity experiment

A student takes notes as she observes polar bears in their zoo habitat.

Psychology student tracks behavior of Buffalo’s polar bear cubs

UB faculty impact the world

Professor Phil Stevens sits with the chiefs of two Nigerian towns during a ceremony.

Philips Stevens Jr. (center)

Stone carvings and a Nigerian chief

In 2012, UB anthropologist Phillips Stevens Jr. was installed as a Nigerian chief in the Yoruba town of Esie for his pioneering work to preserve Africa’s largest and most mysterious collection of stone carvings. 

Saving billions of dollars by studying handwriting

A SUNY Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Venu Govindaraju is internationally recognized for his work to recognize and better understand handwriting, using technology that is saving the U.S. Postal Service billions of dollars. 

Portrait of professor Satpal Singh.

Satpal Singh

Fighting global violence against women

Satpal Singh, associate professor of pharmacology and toxicology, does more than study interactions between drugs and ion channels. As chairperson of the World Sikh Council — America Region, he blogs for the Huffington Post and speaks internationally on religious diversity and global conflict — especially the issue of violence against women.