Options for Undergraduate Study

The University at Buffalo welcomes students at all levels of study, not just undergraduates seeking a bachelor’s degree. We offer additional study options that can support your learning and expand your opportunities—before and after graduation.

Earning a bachelor’s degree from UB will prepare you for success in any career field that you choose. We offer a wide range of academic programs including more than 100 undergraduate degree options and 60 minors.
In addition to the standard fall and spring semesters, the University at Buffalo offers many opportunities for credit-bearing study during the short summer and winter terms—whether you are planning to complete your degree at UB or not.
There are many opportunities for you to attend classes at the University at Buffalo even if you are not seeking a UB degree. Non-degree options are great if you are looking for a short-term experience without a long term commitment away from your home country.
If you are looking for a great American university experience while receiving high-quality English language training, consider the English Language Institute (ELI) at the University at Buffalo.