UB is a premier public research university. We attract students who are curious, engaged with their studies and determined to succeed while making a difference in the world.

Breadth and depth are dual hallmarks of a UB education. We offer a unique combination of rigorous academic programs and transformative learning opportunities through more than 100 majors and 60 minors — the widest range of academic programs of any public institution in New York or New England.
At UB, your professors are committed to lead by example and to prepare you for what’s next. UB has more than 2,200 highly trained faculty who rank among the very best in their fields. Recognized nationally and internationally as outstanding teachers, world-class scholars and dedicated mentors, they engage in research that advances existing knowledge and improves quality of life all over the world.
One of UB’s strengths is the diversity of our students, faculty and thinking. We are located on an international border with Canada and connected to countries across the globe. Our commitment to a truly cross-cultural learning environment is reflected in all aspects of campus life, from our classrooms and our living spaces, to the food we eat and the friends we make.
UB’s specialized academic programs let you focus your studies while experiencing a broad range of ideas and expertise. Whether you choose our Discovery Seminars, University Honors College, faculty-led academies, internships or study abroad programs, each one of our many programs offers unique ways to expand your horizons.
UB equips all students with the skills and experiences needed to achieve professional and personal success. We provide superior career services, on-campus jobs, internships, learning opportunities and mentoring networks with leaders in your field. By graduation, you will be ready to join more than 220,000 alumni in 120 countries in exciting and meaningful work, wherever life takes you.
No matter what life brings, UB makes sure that you are welcomed and prepared. Every student can take advantage of our comprehensive academic and personal advising, tutoring and wellness services. Our professional staff serve as your personal guides and will help you feel comfortable with attending university in the U.S.
The University at Buffalo welcomes students at all levels of study, not just undergraduates seeking a bachelor’s degree. We offer additional study options that can support your learning and expand your opportunities—before and after graduation.
With more than 300 graduate degree programs—the most academic degrees of any institution in New York or New England— UB offers something for nearly everyone.