Pay Your Application Fee Online

You are now ready to pay your $50 UB International Application Fee.

IMPORTANT: Read before starting payment

Do not pay your fee here if you will or have used the online SUNY Application system or the Common Application system; you will pay them directly.

If you choose to use our electronic application form and pay the application directly to us:

  1. Pay the application fee through this secure website.
  2. After making payment, you will receive confirmation of payment by email. Save a copy of the confirmation email receipt.
  3. Complete the UB International Application online and upload a copy of your fee receipt.

Note: Application forms received without payment of the application fee will not be processed.

This site is a secure site. We strive to protect your information and keep it safe. Your personal information will not be stored online. Your credit card information will be collected directly into a secure bank site. We will never ask for private or sensitive information (such as Social Security number, bank account numbers, etc.).

No other payments can be made here; do not attempt to pay graduate application fees, tuition deposits, housing deposits, express mail / courier shipping fees, and university tuition and fees here.