UB International Application

You can apply to UB using the Common Application, SUNY Application or the Coalition Application.

If you use our UB International Application form, you can pay the application fee on our secure payment site. Below are instructions on how to submit the application form and pay the application fee.

Step 1: Pay your application fee

You can pay the application fee by credit card. The fee must be paid online. Select “$50 International Undergraduate Application Fee.”

Once you have paid the fee you will receive an application fee confirmation receipt by email. Keep this email; you will need to submit it with your application.

Step 2: Complete your electronic application

The UB International Application is an electronic form.  Completing the application takes just minutes.

Be Honest

When you apply to the University at Buffalo, you must be honest at all times. Be sure that all documents and information that you submit with your application are correct and accurate. You are responsible for everything that is submitted with your application, even if someone else helps you to complete it.


Withholding or omitting information and documents or giving false information may make you ineligible for admission, subject to dismissal and/or be ineligible for transfer credit.

Step 3: Submit your documents

After you have submitted your application and proof of fee payment, you will receive access to our online Applicant Status Portal.

All of your application materials (transcripts, test scores, essays, etc.) will be submitted electronically through this portal.  


Using the electronic Applicant Status Portal allows us to receive and review your application and documents quickly, making the admissions process fast and easy.