Explore Your Major

From the sciences to the arts, you can choose from more than 100 undergraduate degrees. UB has the widest range of academic programs of any public institution in the Northeastern United States.

Choosing your major

Selecting a major, changing a major, or deciding to pursue double, joint or combined degrees are all significant steps in your educational career. And remember: There are many possible paths to your future, so you don’t have to choose right away!

Many students are admitted directly to the academic department that directs their major. However, some departments only admit students after certain prerequisites have been completed. Every student's academic journey is different, and our programs give you the flexibility to change direction while still preparing you for a career or graduate school.

The UB Undergraduate Catalog

The UB Undergraduate Catalog is your best resource for information on all majors available at UB. This helpful online guide provides everything you want to know about a degree program, including an overview of the program and associated courses, degree requirements and information on potential careers in your preferred major.

Did you know?

Sixty percent of undergraduate students change their major at least once before graduating. UB’s comprehensive advising services, including our Finish in 4 program, will help you develop a roadmap to graduate on time and in a field of study you’ll love.

Create your own major

Don’t see the degree program you’re looking for?

UB allows you to work with faculty sponsors to develop your own major, integrating specific kinds of knowledge to tailor a program that meets your individual academic goals.

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Pre-professional programs

UB’s large selection of academic offerings includes coursework in six pre-professional programs that lead to degrees in architecture, dentistry, health, law, medicine or social work.

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