Choosing a Quality University

Hayes Hall on UB's South campus.

As you consider offers from UB and other top universities you have a difficult decision to make. Let us show you why you should call UB your home away from home.

The clearest and easiest way to make this decision is to make a point-by-point comparison. Because we’re confident that UB is a good match for you, we'll help you get started.

What should you consider and compare? Some criteria, like price and ranking, are easy to compare, but there are other important factors that will impact your educational experience, too.

  • What kinds of opportunities will you have to enrich your education outside the classroom?
  • How flexible is the university to accommodate your unexpected needs to change your major or add a minor or engage in one-on-one research with a professor?
  • Does the university actually provide you with experiences that prepare you for a career in our global, interconnected and interdependent world?

If you haven't already made a comparison worksheet, making one can be a helpful way to see what UB can offer that other schools can not.

With everything UB offers, it's clear why we are the best choice for you!

Among both public and private universities, a UB education is one of the best in the United States for combining high quality and affordability. Our low tuition, comprehensive academic and research opportunities, advising support programs and access to more than $4 million in annual scholarships make us one of the top budget-friendly values around.
UB is a premier, top-ranked public research university in the United States and the most comprehensive campus in the State University of New York (SUNY) system. We are a top-ranked university in the world and are recognized as a top destination school for international students.
Breadth and depth are dual hallmarks of a UB education. We offer a unique combination of rigorous academic programs and transformative learning opportunities through more than 100 majors and 60 minors — the widest range of academic programs of any public institution in New York or New England.
One of UB’s strengths is the diversity of our students, faculty and thinking. We are located on an international border with Canada and connected to countries across the globe. Our commitment to a truly cross-cultural learning environment is reflected in all aspects of campus life, from our classrooms and our living spaces, to the food we eat and the friends we make.
Located on Lake Erie, one of the famous Great Lakes, the Buffalo-Niagara area is a friendly, accessible community that is close and convenient to several major metropolitan areas, including New York City, Washington, D.C., Boston and Toronto, Canada’s largest urban center. UB is minutes from Niagara Falls, professional sports, world-renowned museums, diverse restaurants and vibrant arts and entertainment.
Life on our dynamic, friendly campuses never stops changing, offering you endless opportunities to have fun, get involved and make lifelong connections. From your first day of orientation until the day you graduate, all aspects of student life—sports, clubs, student activities and our on-campus housing communities—are connected, diverse and welcoming.
UB’s specialized academic programs let you focus your studies while experiencing a broad range of ideas and expertise. Whether you choose our Discovery Seminars, University Honors College, faculty-led academies, internships or study abroad programs, each one of our many programs offers unique ways to expand your horizons.
From navigating the immigration process to simply getting from the airport to our campus, you’ll feel more welcome and at ease when you work with UB’s comprehensive network of support services.
UB equips all students with the skills and experiences needed to achieve professional and personal success. We provide superior career services, on-campus jobs, internships, learning opportunities and mentoring networks with leaders in your field. By graduation, you will be ready to join more than 220,000 alumni in 120 countries in exciting and meaningful work, wherever life takes you.
UB is committed to providing all members of its campus community with a safe, friendly and welcoming environment to live, learn, work and visit.

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