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The International Admissions Ambassadors are UB students who are here to help you!

If you have a question about the admissions process or about UB, your Ambassador has the answer. Whether you communicate with your Ambassador by telephone or email, you can be sure that there is someone at UB to talk to!

Learn their names, where they are from, what they are studying and their favorite thing about UB.  

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2018 Ambassadors



Hometown: Agra, India

Languages I Speak: Hindi, English

Major: Computer Science

What I love about UB: “Over 250 clubs & organizations on campus giving ample opportunity to make friends and learn!”



Hometown: Fuzhou, China

Languages I Speak: Chinese, English

Major: Marketing and Management Information Systems

What I love about UB: “The diversity! I have gotten the chance to meet people from different cultures in UB and that excites me everyday!”


Phuong To Uyen (Lily)

Hometown: Vung Tau, Viet Nam

Languages I Speak: Vietnamese, English, and a little bit of Spanish

Major: Communication

What I love about UB: "What I love about UB is the diversity. UB has students who come from around the world that represent more than 100 countries. It makes UB become a great place to make friends and to get to know about the world without going anywhere. Thanks to that, I can learn about a lot of cultures that I would never think of before!"



Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

Languages I Speak: Nepali, Newar, English, Hindi

Major: Computer Science

What I love about UB: “The amazing student life, the diversity and the events!”


Phu Le Viet (Ethan)

Hometown: Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province, Vietnam

Languages I Speak: Vietnamese, English, simple Spanish.

Major: Business Administration 

What I love about UB: “UB taught me to not be shy anymore, and accepted myself as a Bull, hence gives me a fullest college experience yet! UB is also a garden of opportunities, all you need is to have a racket and catch it. There will be many challenges ahead of you, but every of them benefits you in defining who you are to be a better person. And we have all the supports for it!”



Hometown: Sichuan, China

Languages I Speak: Chinese and English

Major: Management Information System and Finance.  

What I love about UB: “I love the fact that UB has abundant resources, and how they provide opportunities for students to develop their interests. Also I love UB is a huge campus where people can get involved in number of clubs and organizations so that they can make friends."



Hometown: Shangdong, China 

Languages I Speak: Chinese, English, Basic French

Major: Business

What I love about UB: “It is a great community where I can challenge myself and try different things every day!"



Hometown: Pune, India 

Languages I Speak: English, Hindi, Marathi, and some German

Major: Computer Engineering

What I love about UB: “There are so many things that I love about UB! I love the gorgeous campus, the vibe, the community, the people, my department, and the lively atmosphere at SU, just to name a few!"