Meet Your Ambassador

The International Admissions Ambassadors are UB students who are here to help you!

If you have a question about the admissions process or about UB, your Ambassador has the answer. Whether you communicate with your Ambassador by telephone, email, or through social media, you can be sure that there is someone at UB to talk to!

Learn more about this year's Ambassadors below and then head over to Instagram or Facebook to follow along with their stories about life at UB!

Our Ambassadors are Available on Zoom!

Our Ambassadors are now available to answer your questions via Zoom! Click on the Zoom link in their bio during the office hours listed to speak with them face-to-face!

2021 Ambassadors


Hwan Lee

Hometown: Korea, South 

Languages I Speak: Korean (native), English (advanced), Chinese (Intermediate) 

Major: Medical Technology

What I love about UB: “I love UB because I can experience hands-on learning, not just in-class learning."


Claudia Cabrera

Hometown: Arequipa, Peru

Languages I Speak: Spanish, German, English

Major: Economics and Business Administration with concentrations: Finance Analysis and Data Analytics. 

What I love about UB: “UB provides every student, no matter their background,  the opportunity to be successful both in and out of the university. UB has become my second home and its resources have helped me grow not only as a professional, but also in a personal sense.”



Phu Le (Ethan)

Hometown: Pleiku City, Vietnam

Languages I Speak: Vietnamese, English

Major: MS Management Information System, BS Accounting

What I love about UB: "UB is the hub of personal growth and cultural appreciation. I've made lifelong friendships, whether they are international students or domestic, and been thankful for them to be in my journal in the US."



Junzhe Lei (Ray)

Hometown: Nanning, China

Languages I Speak: Chinese, English, Japanese

Major: Finance

What I love about UB: "I love UB’s suburban environment, pretty chill and such a great place to study. "



Huyen Le (Harley)

Hometown: Vietnam

Languages I Speak: Vietnamese, English

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences

What I love about UB: "UB has abundant activities where you receive more than what you paid: not only skills and experience, but also enjoyment and free food."



Sharon John

Hometown: Chennai, India

Languages I Speak: English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi

Major: Neuroscience minoring in Pharmacology and Toxicology

What I love about UB: "There are so many things I love about UB but if I had to narrow it down to one, it would be the people I have met along the way. You leave everything you love for a chance to write your own story and with a little faith and a whole lot of UB love, you will find people who will invest in you and you in them!"



Tong Fang

Hometown: Zhengzhou, China

Languages I Speak: English, Chinese

Major: Psychology

What I love about UB: “UB gives me the opportunity to learn about other cultures from people around the world. In the past years, I met so many amazing people here at UB. I love all the beautiful memories I had with them!"