Registering for Orientation

Orientation leader directing students around campus

Attending our comprehensive International Student Orientation will prepare you for a successful transition to UB!

At our International Student Orientation program, you will be able to receive your:

  • UB Identification Card
  • UB single-use password and email account

You will also be able to obtain a:

  • Bank account
  • Cell phone account
  • Social Security card (can apply, if eligible)

During International Student Orientation, you can officially enroll as a UB student by completing the following tasks:

  • Sign up for ESL courses (if required)
  • Submit health background and immunizations form
  • Receive required immunizations (if not completed before arrival)
  • Attend Immigration and "Your Role in the UB Community" sessions
  • Meet with an academic advisor
  • Register for classes

You also will learn about these university resources and services:

  • Academic advisement
  • Computing
  • Libraries
  • On-campus employment
  • Health, wellness and counseling
  • Health insurance
  • Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Campus safety

There’s much more you can explore during International Student Orientation! You can receive study tips from professors, learn how to use your health insurance, find out about cultural differences, join a shopping trip and more.