Keeping University Affordable

An investment in your future — that's what education is.

Education opens doors to rewarding careers, career advancement and a good salary. A quality education will also help you develop the analytical and critical thinking skills to be able to adapt in your career as the world rapidly changes.

Financial outcomes

Students who have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) will earn a lot more salary than students with only a high school diploma. How much more?

Bachelor's degree 84 percent more
Master's degree 120 percent more
Doctoral degree 293 percent more
Professional degree 373 percent more

Learn more about the financial value of higher education: Georgetown Study (PDF)

Return on investment

While the financial benefits for degree holders are very clear, the return on investment (ROI) depends primarily on:

  • Total cost of the degree
  • How long it takes to complete the degree
  • Salary / income

The less your degree costs (in total) and the more quickly you can complete your degree (and get into the job market), the better your ROI will likely be.

How does UB help you make a good investment?

UB is a 'best buy' and superior value

As a world-ranked university and elite member of the AAU, UB has some of the lowest tuition and lowest total costs of any top university in the U.S. UB is a superior value and great investment.

UB offers scholarships to talented students

The best way to ensure that university is affordable is to reduce your costs by getting a scholarship. UB offers millions of dollars in scholarships to eligible incoming freshman (first-year) students. Improve your chances for valuable scholarships by having high GPA (grade point average), high SAT or ACT scores, high TOEFL or IELTS scores, and advanced standing credits (such as AP exams).

In addition to UB scholarships, many external organizations offer valuable scholarships and financial assistance.

UB prepares you for future success

Want to do an internship or co-op program? Want to work for the world’s top companies that visit UB’s campus, or are you looking for experience through a business leader in your field? Need to improve your resume and practice your interview skills? UB can help you through the many on-campus support services and mentoring networks offered to all students.

UB ensures that you have good academic advising

UB has excellent academic advising services to help you choose your major, plan your curriculum and class schedule, succeed in your classes, and graduate on time. Visit your academic advisor regularly and you'll be on the right path.

UB guarantees that you can ‘Finish in 4’

The best way to get high value on your investment is to finish your degree as quickly as possible while taking full advantage of opportunities that will enrich your future. UB guarantees you can finish your degree in four years or we will pay for the difference.

Why is UB affordable?

  • UB costs are low.
  • UB guarantees you can finish within four years.
  • UB is a superior value — you can bank on it!