Fall Connections

Arriving in a new area and being away from family and friends can be a life-changing experience. The Fall Connections Program assists international students in connecting them with experienced individuals who can help international students transition to their new environment.

Program Overview

UB’s fall semester is here, and ISS is inviting you to participate in our Fall Connections program! Similar to the International Student Mentoring Program, Fall Connections is designed to help students meet and interact with new people in a small group setting during the fall semester. This program runs from September through the end of December. Read below to see how this program will work for you! 

About the Program

  • New international students will be paired with international and domestic students, staff and faculty who have been living in Buffalo for at least one year.
  • Groups will be made up of 3-5 people. At least one member will have lived in Buffalo for more than a year.
  • The program will last the duration of the fall semester (until Dec. 20, 2021, the last day of classes). Of course, you are encouraged to stay in touch with your new connections into the new semester.
  • The group should plan to “meet” virtually for one hour every two weeks at a minimum via Zoom or a virtual platform of your group’s choice. Tips for games and conversation, as well as basics for communicating across cultures will be provided by ISS.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Cultural Partner?

It doesn’t take more than one hour to make a difference and learn something new!

I am a new international student who began at UB this Fall 2021:

This is a chance to meet and form relationships with new international students AND current international or domestic students, staff or faculty members who have been living in Buffalo for more than year.

I am a returning international student who began their studies at UB before Fall 2021:

Here is your chance to meet and help new international students who are not familiar with life at UB and in Buffalo prior to COVID-19 restrictions. Since groups will have multiple members it is also a chance to form new friendships with international and domestic peers.

I am a domestic student, faculty, staff or community member who has been living in Buffalo for more than a year:

If you are interested in meeting and helping new international students learn about Buffalo and life in the US, this opportunity is for you! You don’t have to know about other cultures, speak other languages or have traveled overseas.  All you need is a sincere desire to help others and an interest in people from other cultural backgrounds.

Interested in joining the Fall Connections Program?

If you are interested in joining the Fall Connections program, please  fill out our registration form to be matched with a group in the program!


If you have any questions about the program, please call 716-645-2258 or e-mail ISS at iss@buffalo.edu

Applications are due Monday, September 13th.