Car Insurance

Find out New York State requirements for car insurance and tips regarding insurance coverage.

What Do I Need To Know About Car Insurance in New York State?

New York State has requirements regarding the amount of insurance coverage you must have for your car. 

  • This minimum coverage must be in effect as long as your car is registered in NYS.  This means that, even if you are not driving the car for some reason, you must still pay your car insurance bills if your car is registered in NYS.
  • You must purchase an automobile liability insurance policy from an insurer licensed by the New York State Insurance Department and authorized to do business in NYS.
  • The insurance must be in the name of the person who registered the car.
  • The cost for the insurance is called the “premium”. The amount that you must pay yourself if you get into an accident is called the “deductible." If you want insurance coverage for damage to your car, you will need to purchase "collison" coverage as well.
  • If you have a bad driving record or are a new driver in NYS, your premium will be higher.
  • You can reduce your auto insurance premium by taking a "Driver Improvement" course.
    • The American Automobile Association offers courses regularly at various locations in Western New York.

How Do I Find a Good Insurance Company?

  • Obtain recommendations of reputable companies from individuals whose opinions you respect.
  • Choose a company that will be there for you if you have an accident.
  • Call numerous agents or companies to compare rates (known as “premiums”) to see which company offers the best rate and customer service.
  • Be aware that companies that advertise a lot may need to cut their costs in other areas (e.g. payment of claims.)
  • Be wary of agents or companies that only want to sell you the NYS minimum level of insurance coverage.