Below are frequently asked questions about the impact of COVID-19, how it affects your immigration status, and other information pertinent to F-1 Students & J-1 Exchange Visitors. This page will continue to be updated as new information becomes available.

On this page:

On this page:

2022-2023 Academic Year Policy

New Students & Students Starting New Programs

2021-2022 & 2022-2023 Academic Year Enrollment Requirements

Modes of Instruction for International Students


Current UB F-1 students continuing in current program, if they were engaged in full-time study on March 9, 2020

New F-1 students who intend to enter the US for the 2022-2023 academic year.
Current UB F-1 students starting new program at UB, if they were engaged in full-time study on March 9, 2020 F-1 students who began their program online outside the U.S. without F-1 status and who will enter the U.S. as a new F-1 student to continue studies.
F-1 students engaged in full-time study on March 9, 2020 who are transferring from another SEVP-certified U.S. school to UB for the 2022-2023 academic year. F-1 students who entered the U.S. to begin a new program after March 2020 and were not enrolled in F-1 status on March 9, 2020. 
New international students who intend to remain outside the U.S. for the 2022-2023 academic year.
Former UB students currently on OPT returning to begin a new degree program (if they were not enrolled on March 9, 2020)
  F-1 students currently on OPT transferring from another SEVP-certified U.S. college or university to UB (if they were not enrolled on March 9, 2020)
  Current UB students changing status to F-1 for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.
  UB F-1 students who are re-entering the U.S. after a leave of absence or status violation with an “initial” I-20

Maintaining F-1 Student Status

Maintaining J-1 Student Status

Academic Support & Wellness

On-Campus Employment

Travel & Travel Restrictions

Requirements for International Travel

Planning to travel internationally by air? Be sure to understand CDC requirements and ISS reminders on travel and plan ahead!

Visas & Support Letter for Travel

Vaccines, Social Distancing, & Quarantine

Campus Operations

OPT Applications & Updates

SSA & IRS Issues