Adding an F-2 Dependent

Some F-1 students wish to bring their spouse and/or children to the U.S.  Find out what you need to do to obtain F-2 I-20's for your dependents.

How to Obtain F-2 I-20's for Your Dependents

In order to obtain I-20's for your dependents, you will need to bring the documents below to ISS, Talbert Hall 210, North Campus. We will then create a new I-20 for you (indicating that you have dependents) and F-2 I-20's for your dependents. 

Required documents:

1. Copy of your marriage certificate (if adding a spouse) or birth certificate (if adding a child).  If this document is not in English, it must be translated by a certified translator.

2. Copy of the biographic page of each dependent’s passport.

3. Financial documents.  These documents must show that you can financially support yourself and your dependents in the U.S.  Please review our financial documents requirements below.  ISS will also provide an estimate of costs to assist you in preparing proper financial documents.      

Contact ISS directly to determine the total amount of financial support you must document.

4. Dependent health insurance form.  By reading and signing this form, you agree to purchase health insurance for your dependents to cover them during their entire stay in the U.S.    

5. Proof of full-time course registration.  You must be registered full-time or have Full-time Certification from the Graduate School or an approved Reduced Course Load from ISS to be eligible to add a dependent.  You may be asked to show proof of Full-Time Certification if it has yet to be entered into HUB.

If your dependent will change his/her immigration status in the U.S., then you and your dependent should meet with an International Student Advisor to discuss the change-of-status application.  Please be sure to inform us if your dependent is already in the U.S. 

Once your dependent receives an F-2 visa and enters the U.S. as an F-2 or receives the change-of-status approval notice by mail, you must bring copies of his/her immigration documents (I-20, passport and F-2 visa or change-of-status approval notice) to ISS, Talbert Hall 210.

Page Updated 5/18