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Extending product lifespans and saving on costs through predictive modeling

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Leading a new industry, supported by UB's Center for Computational Research's advanced computing resources

Ward Thomas President & CEO.
Ward Thomas

President & CEO

Nathan Bolander, PhD.
Nathan Bolander, PhD

Chief Scientist & Technology Officer

Benefitting from UB Resources

Sentient Science is the leading provider of prognostic technology and services. With access to the most powerful computational resources in Western New York through CCR, the company is now at the forefront of this new technology. CCR is a key partner for Sentient Science, enabling the company to deploy their models and services to commercial and government customers.

The Center provides access to its supercomputing infrastructure to host the computationally demanding DigitalClone models and run simulations, which allows Sentient Science to rapidly scale to meet increased commercial demand. This capability has led to a series of commercial tools and services to help manufacturers and operators of rotating equipment predict and extend their product’s life and performance.

The company created a multi-physics computer program to predict when rotating machines will fail. That mission connects with two of UB’s areas of expertise: computer programming and materials science. The viability of Sentient’s DigitalClone product has been proven accurate by NASA and manufacturers such as Boeing, GE and Honeywell. The predictive system has been installed on 20,000 wind turbines, and the company expects to reach 100,000 turbines in the future. By using it, companies can greatly extend turbine lifespan from about eight years to thirty years, according to company President and CEO Ward Thomas. 

We would not be able to commercialize our technology, especially at the rate and effectiveness we have, without UB’s Center for Computational Research.

Ward Thomas
President & CEO
Sentient Science

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Sentient Science and their partners with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

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