Success Story - Cytocybernetics

Advancing drug discovery through enhanced safety screening

Co-founder Randall Rasmusson, PhD and Co-founder & CEO Glenna Bett, PhD .

Co-founder Randall Rasmusson, PhD and Co-founder & CEO Glenna Bett, PhD

Futuristic technology blends electronics and biology to facilitate cardiac safety of new pharmaceuticals

Glenna Bett, PhD.
Glenna Bett, PhD

Co-founder & CEO

Randall Rasmusson, PhD.
Randall Rasmusson, PhD


Benefitting from UB Resources

Cytocybernetics, which specializes in cellular electrophysiology, grew out of research conducted by two UB professors; Glenna Bett and Randall Rasmusson. The company’s technology solves some key problems that scientists encounter when evaluating the cardiac safety of new pharmaceuticals.

“We found there was a piece of machinery that didn’t exist, so we made it,” Bett said. The Cybercyte is a powerful, user friendly, plug-and-play dynamic clamp system. The innovative device integrates electronics with heart muscle cells to test how new drugs affect the heart’s electrical activity. Such screenings could save pharmaceutical companies hundreds of millions of dollars by enabling early identification of compounds that cause serious, potentially fatal side effects.

After describing the device at an annual meeting of the Biophysical Society, people asked where they could get one. “So we came back to UB and started a company,” Bett said. UB assisted with applying for a patent, getting grants and even providing entrepreneurial training, all of which made the company possible. “We’ve really benefited from our relationship with UB,” said Bett. “It has been one super-supportive journey.”

Cytocybernetics now offers a complete range of CRO services, including FDA-mandated drug safety screening, custom electrophysiology, custom modeling, and custom analysis. 

Without the support of UB, Cytocybernetics would not have been possible.

Glenna Bett, PhD
Co-founder & CEO

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Rasmusson and Bett with computer equipment.

Cytocybernetics co-founders, Rasmusson and Bett

The Cytocybernetics Team.

The Cytocybernetics Team