Success Story - Abcombi Biosciences, Inc.

Delivering “smarter” vaccine and anti-infective solutions.

Abcombi's Co-Founder and CEO Charles Jones, PhD and associate.

Abcombi's Co-Founder and CEO Charles Jones, PhD and associate

Leading the charge in the vaccine industry

Charles Jones, PhD.
Charles Jones, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO

Benefitting from UB Resources

Abcombi Biosciences is a pre-clinical vaccine and therapeutic development company dedicated to delivering “smarter” vaccine and anti-infective solutions.

Launched out of a UB lab, the company is now on the verge of a vaccine revolution, with a novel approach to attacking diseases caused by bacteria. Traditional vaccines attack bacteria when it tries to colonize in the human body, and if the bacteria survives, there is nothing left to combat it. Abcombi’s vaccine attacks the bacteria only when it has been disturbed and transformed into its virulent state. For example, Abcombi founder Charles Jones notes, “There are close to 100 variants of the pneumococcal bacteria. The current vaccine tackles only 13 variants, but we can cover all of them.” The company is also working on developing an alternative to Tamaflu.

Abcombi used many programs available through UB, including funding from the Bright Buffalo Niagara business competition, Critical Path and National Science Foundation (NSF) programs. “All the key events for the company were initially orchestrated by the university,” Jones said. “It’s hard for me to envision our future, or even where we are today, without UB’s assistance.”

UB, and Buffalo in general, is a highly supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. There seems to be a genuine desire for companies to succeed.

Charles Jones, PhD
Abcombi Biosciences, Inc.

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