EXL Express License

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EXL Express License offers an expedited licensing process for student and faculty start-up founders who are ready to move their technology forward into a start-up company.

About EXL Express License

The University at Buffalo is committed to fostering viable startup companies in order to transform its research into products and services that benefit the public good. To accelerate the process, the EXL Express License, with fixed start-up-friendly terms, was introduced to eliminate lengthy and potentially costly negotiations to allow start-ups to move quickly and efficiently into the commercialization process.

Participation and Eligibility

This program is available to start-up companies formed to commercialize UB-owned intellectual property with at least one founder affiliated with UB. Following an initial option period, the start-up must submit a mini-business plan outlining a realistic plan for appropriate products in a suitable market. UB start-up founders are encouraged to participate in the I-Corps Site program to help develop the mini-business plan. UB personnel must present an approved Conflict-of-Interest Management plan prior to execution of the EXL Express License.

For More Information

Michael L. Fowler.

Michael Fowler, PhD

Commercialization Manager

Technology Transfer

Phone: (716) 645-8136

Email: mlfowler@buffalo.edu