Shovels painted blue with UB logo lined up against a wall

UB is committed to achieving inclusive excellence in a deliberate, intentional and coordinated fashion, embedding it in every aspect of our operations. We aspire to foster a healthy, productive, ethical, fair, and affirming campus community to allow all students, faculty and staff to thrive and realize their full potential.  

Below we offer toolkits to assist faculty and staff in their efforts to enhance inclusive excellence across campus.  

Free Speech, Hate Speech and Academic Freedom

One of the greatest challenges for universities is the occurrence of hateful speech and conduct. Although many of these incidents have been student-initiated, these expressions are not isolated to colleges and universities, and they reflect broader societal post-election tensions. Many university teachers feel unprepared to “referee” emotionally charged political disputes between students in (or outside of) classes. Indeed, many instructors are concerned about the perception of political bias in their lectures and classroom comments, and about how to address the post-election climate (if at all) in class. This toolkit provides some helpful information and guidelines to assist faculty members with these challenges.