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For many people in the U.S., Thanksgiving represents a time to gather with family and/or friends to reconnect, enjoy each other's company, and share a wonderful meal together.  Over the past several years (and hopefully, again in the near future), UB's faculty, staff and alumni have demonstrated their generous spirit by hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a number of our international students. However, the challenges brought about by COVID-19 have required us to make some changes to our 8th annual Thanksgiving without Borders program.

On this page, we will be sharing stories and videos about the Thanksgiving customs, traditions and recipes from some of our UB community members.  We encourage students to try a recipe and learn about the variety of ways in which Thanksgiving is celebrated as UB community members bring their unique Thanksgiving celebration to you.

Want to know more about Thanksgiving?

Check out this History Channel look into the Thanksgiving holiday, traditions, and origins.

Thanksgiving Recipes from the UB Community

Recipes coming soon!

How the Thanksgiving without Border Program Work

We hope return to our regular facilitation of Thanksgiving without Border program next year.  Please read the information below to learn how to participate in the future.

Hosts Students

International Students

International students who are interested in sharing Thanksgiving with a UB host family should complete the registration form linked below. The registration forms will be used to match students with compatible host families.

We will do our best to place all international students with a host family.  However, we cannot guarantee that all student applicants will have the opportunity to participate.

Please carefully consider your plans for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Students who participate in this program are expected to be available the entire day on November 28 and to attend the Thanksgiving celebration if they register for this program.  It is very impolite to cancel your participation as Thanksgiving celebrations take a lot of planning.

International Student participants will receive:

  • The names and contact information of the host family
  • Information on the history and traditions of Thanksgiving in the United States
  • Tips for being a guest in an American family's home

Students will be expected to communicate with their host family before Thanksgiving Day to discuss what time to arrive, what to expect, and how long dinner might last.  Please do not ask your host families if you can bring friends (unless the family invites you to do so).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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