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Our Progress

Points of Pride

UB can look back with pride on a number of accomplishments that illustrate the power of courageous individuals to catalyze change by disrupting barriers to the equitable treatment of all, and to embody the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in their actions.


The first known African-American graduate of UB, J. Robert Love received his medical degree on February 25, 1880.
Rodgers and Wiener
In 1899 Helen Z. M. Rodgers and Cecil B. Weiner are the first female graduates of the Law School.
The Spirit of New Buffalo
In 1920 the University publishes the earliest known non-discrimination statement. It stated that the University was "For all Buffalo Boys and Girls - regardless of race, creed or class."
In 1938 Eva Noles became the first African American registered nurse to graduate from an area hospital. She later went on to earn a B.S. in nursing from UB in 1962.
In the fall of 1970, UB's undergraduates started the university's first student organization for gay students, the Gay Liberation Front (GLF)