Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the Campus Climate Survey that is not covered below, please contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence at

What is the UB Campus Culture Survey?

The UB Campus Culture Survey is an in-depth, university-wide survey sponsored by the Office of Inclusive Excellence (OIX) administered spring 2019, to assess the current campus culture and climate integrating diversity, equity and inclusion at UB.

Why is the survey being conducted?

Reaffirming a commitment to support inclusivity across the university’s three campuses, UB is seeking to strengthen the culture and climate that is supportive of all members of the UB community and allow students, faculty and staff to thrive.

Why is this important to UB?

There are currently a variety of initiatives and efforts in place to enhance equity and inclusion across UB’s three campuses, including the launch of UB's strategic diversity and inclusion plan in 2016. By participating in the survey, respondents will have the opportunity to share their perspectives about existing attitudes, behaviors and standards concerning equity and inclusion at UB.

Some of the many ways data gathered from the survey could have an impact university-wide include as a tool for policies and challenges UB faces as a university and prioritizing issues of diversity and inclusion.  

Who created the survey?

The survey was created by the assessment and benchmarking education technology firm Skyfactor, working in partnership with a committee of the Inclusive Excellence Leadership Council.

How will the survey be administered?

The survey will be administered by Skyfactor.

Who can take the survey?

Undergraduate and graduate UB students and full-time UB faculty and staff.

Are students and employees required to participate in the survey?

Survey participation is completely voluntary, and individuals have the right to not answer specific questions or discontinue the survey at any time. However, UB strongly urges all students, faculty, staff and administrators to complete the survey. The data are only meaningful and useful to UB if we have broad participation from the campus community.

When can the survey be taken?

Students will have the opportunity to take the survey in March, 2019. The survey for faculty and staff can be taken in April, 2019.

How long does the survey take to complete?

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Staff members who do not have ready access to a computer will be provided access to computer labs where they can take the survey utilizing their secure email link. Computers and ipads/tablets are strongly recommended over phones.

Printed copies of the surveys and pre-approved times and locations to fill them out will also be made available.

How will the survey be sent?

Students, faculty and staff will receive a secure, individualized link to the survey in an email from Skyfactor.

Why are there two surveys? Are they different?

The majority of the questions in each version are the same. Some questions in each are written specifically for either students or faculty and staff.

Is this survey similar to earlier initiatives seeking to assess UB’s climate regarding campus equity and inclusion?

This survey is very different than anything that has come before at UB. While assessing climate and culture for equity and inclusion campus-wide, students, faculty and staff will be asked about their perceptions of UB as a whole. The UB Campus Culture Survey is seeking point-of-view of the respondents.

Among the differences built into the survey for faculty and staff are questions examining issues surrounding work environment.

How are privacy and anonymity maintained?

The survey will be administered by Skyfactor to ensure the complete anonymity of all participants. The survey is 100% anonymous. Upon completion of each survey, respondents will click a link sending it directly to Skyfactor. Completed printed copies of each survey that is not filled out online will remain anonymous, in a sealed envelope, collected and delivered directly to Skyfactor for tabulation.

Who will have access to the responses?

Upon completion of each survey, respondents will click a link, sending it directly to Skyfactor. Completed, printed copies of each survey that are not filled out online will be delivered directly to Skyfactor in sealed envelopes.

Skyfactor will not use any name or e-mail address for any purpose except this study and it guarantees the confidentiality of your responses to the survey. All data received by UB will be anonymous in format. UB will not receive any individualized information from data coming out of the survey.

Who will tabulate survey responses?

All survey responses will be tabulated independently, outside of UB, by Skyfactor.

Will the outcomes of the survey be communicated to the campus community?

Yes. The information will be shared with all divisions across UB. It is not just for the Office of Inclusive Excellence. It is the goal of OIX to create transparent processes, based on the data gathered in the survey, to encourage the entire university community to work toward inclusive excellence.