Please Participate in the UB Campus Culture Survey

Published April 15, 2019

Dear University Community,

I would like to send a reminder to all faculty and staff to please participate in the UB Campus Culture Survey that was opened on April 1st and will continue through April 19th.  All UB students, faculty, staff and administrators across all three campuses have been encouraged to complete the survey.

All faculty and staff will receive an email with the subject line: “UB Culture Climate Survey Invite”.  This survey will come from  a 3rd party consultant that UB is working with.  It is NOT SPAM or a phishing message – it is the individual link for all faculty and staff to participate in the survey.  

UB also recently received a survey invitation from SUNY that was called a “Climate Survey” – this system-wide effort is focused on sexual assault.  We apologize for the timing and potential confusion – we were not aware when SUNY was releasing their survey.  Both efforts are important for your attention.

At UB, we are deeply committed to integrating inclusive excellence into all aspects of university operations and fostering a welcoming community that enables all members to thrive. The wide-ranging Campus Culture Survey is designed to measure the inclusiveness of UB's campus environment and the effectiveness of our existing policies and programs so that we better understand how we can continue to enhance our efforts to make UB a welcoming place for all of us to study and work. Data gathered through the survey will be shared broadly across UB and used to inform university priorities, target policy and program improvements, and more deeply integrate inclusivity into all aspects of the university.

Administered by the Office of Inclusive Excellence, the survey has been developed in collaboration with the assessment and benchmarking education technology firm Skyfactor. UB faculty and staff will receive a secure, individualized link to the web-based survey in an email from Skyfactor.   Skyfactor will not use any name or e-mail address for any purpose except this study and all data received by UB will be completely anonymous. For more information, please visit  If you have any questions, please contact Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence Despina Stratigakos at  

Enhancing our inclusive excellence-related programs and priorities requires that UB fully and honestly assess our campus culture. This is only possible if the survey captures the broad range of perspectives and experiences represented across campus by faculty, staff and students.  Thank you in advance for supporting this effort by taking time to complete the UB Campus Culture Survey.



Mark Coldren
Associate Vice President, Human Resources