DIFCON12 - Spring 2016

Never Comfortable, Always Safe.

At a time when differences are polarizing the nation, we at UB have the opportunity to come together to as a community to face “head on” issues that threaten to divide us.  This semester, UB students piloted this effort. They engaged in twelve difficult conversations facilitated by faculty members.

UB Now DIFCON Series, Wuetcher

UB Now Lessons Learned, Andrei

UB Now Lessons Learned, Wuetcher

The Spectrum, Williams

  • February 29: Jason Young, history, “Why the Backlash Against #BlackLivesMatter?,”
  • March 2 Walter Hakala: South Asian Languages & Literature, “Teaching Islam from an Outsider's Perspective,”
  • March 7: Dorothy Siaw-Asamoah, Management, “What Does Diversity Mean to You?,”
  • March 9: Carl Nightingale, Transnational Studies, “Going to School in a Segregated City,”
  • March 21: Rebecca French, Law, “Off to College, But How do you Pack up your Religion?”
  • March 23: Raechele Pope and Nathan Daun-Barnett, Educational Leadership & Policy, “Race and Privilege on Campus,”
  • March 28: John Jennings, Art, “Disturbing the Peace: The Black Artist and Public Discourse,”
  • March 30: Cynthia Wu, associate professor, Transnational Studies, “The Myth of the Asian American Model Minority,”
  • April 4: Amy Bisantz, Industrial & Systems Engineering, “Why aren’t there More Women in STEM Fields?”
  • April 6: Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen, Geography, “Contemporary Ethnic Geographies in America and Spaces of Fear,”
  • April 11: Teresa Miller, Equity & Inclusion/Law and Andrew Stott, Undergraduate Education/English, “Unpacking and Negotiating Privilege,”
  • April 13: Amy Reynolds, Counseling, School & Educational Psychology, and Sharon Mitchell, Counseling Services, “Why are Difficult Conversations so Difficult?”
  • May 2: All facilitators, “DIFCON12: Lessons Learned” 

Jason Young (History) talks with students about the backlash against #BlackLivesMatter at DIFCON12 - Feb 29, 2016.

At DIFCON12, Prof. Hakala (South Asian Languages/Literature) speaks with students about teaching Islam as an outsider - March 2, 2016.

DIFCON12: Prof. Siaw-Awamoah (Management) speaks to students about the meaning of diversity - March 7, 2016.