Professional Development in Computational and Data Science

Professionals in data science.

ICDS offers professional development opportunities that include training sessions on current skills and core knowledge needed to analyze complex data and new technologies, such as deep learning and blockchain. These opportunities help professionals, faculty and graduates advance their careers.

Who is this for?

Professionals, faculty and graduates who are looking to update their skills.

Offered Courses

  • Introduction to Python (15 hours)
  • Advanced Topics in Data Intensive Computing (15 hours)
  • Data Visualization with Tableau (15 hours)
  • Bayesian Design of Experiments (15 hours)
  • Linear Algebra at Scale Using PETSc (15 hours)
  • CCR: Basic Introduction to the CCR Cluster (1 hour)
  • CCR: Job Submission Strategies (1 hour)
  • CCR: Using the ColdFront Allocation Management System for Faculty and Group Managers (1 hour)

For dates on when courses will be offered next or information on how to sign up, please contact