Meet our Current CDSE Students

Below are our current students in the CDSE doctoral program.

Thesis: HPC and Materials Informatics in Renewable Energy Science

Vivek Nareshkumar Bhavsar.

Vivek Nareshkumar Bhavsar

Dan Finn.

Dan Finn

Sreelekha Guggilam.

Sreelekha Guggilam

What made you choose UB for your PhD?
My experience during my Matsers at UB was what drove me to stay put. Plus, Buffalo is so cool!

What do you like most about CDSE at UB?
I love the interdisciplinary blend that this program offers. It allows me to explore the problems in other domains with an outsider's perspective which is a great learning experience.

What are you working on? 
I am working on anomaly detection using Bayesian non-parametric models and extreme value theory. 

Renette Jones-Ivey.

Renette Jones-Ivey

Thesis: Optimal Transportation of Moment Generating Functions for Uncertainty Quantification

Krithika Krishnan.

Krithika Krishnan

CDSE Student Tianmou Liu.

Tianmou Liu

Abhishek Mishra.

Abhishek Mishra

Darsh Kiritbhai Nathawani.

Darsh Kiritbhai Nathawani