Our Research Changes Lives

UB students and faculty are applying their knowledge to a diversity of projects addressing local and global challenges. The research we do touches lives around the world and drives the growth of the Buffalo-Niagara and New York State economies.


A new UB study reveals differences between the sexes in thermal behavior during exercise, a discovery that could help inform the future development of athletic wear.


UB researchers are working on a new portable biosensor that pairs with smartphones and could one day help those without easy access to hospitals detect cancer at an early stage.


You may be familiar with social media FOMO, but a UB researcher suggests feelings associated with social exclusion online may actually inhibit intelligent thought.


For years, a UB scientist worked on the development of a satellite to monitor the effects of climate change, and on Sept. 15, she watched history unfold as it blasted into orbit.


A UB study found that among older Americans, the poorest are most likely to have used prescription opioids, raising questions about their access to alternative pain management options.