Our Research Changes Lives

UB students and faculty are applying their knowledge to a diversity of projects addressing local and global challenges. The research we do touches lives around the world and drives the growth of the Buffalo-Niagara and New York State economies.


UB’s new Sustainable Development Leadership Committee is working to promote health in low- and middle-income countries through research and management training.


UB researchers are exploring how virtual reality could be used in the classroom to treat trauma, which affects an estimated 25 percent of students.


UB scientists are testing light therapy as an alternative to opioids in the treatment of oral mucositis, one of the most common and painful side effects of chemotherapy.  


A UB researcher helps to explain how fake news spread on Twitter during the 2016 election, finding that a small number of “supersharers” were responsible for 80 percent of it.


UB researchers looking into an epidemic of kidney injury among farmers found that drinking pop after physical exertion in hot weather may increase the risk of kidney disease.