Faculty Profile

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Elizabeth Bowen

Assistant Professor
School of Social Work


  • PhD, Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014

Professional experience:

  • Assistant Professor, Social Work, University at Buffalo

What mentoring means to me:

I see mentoring as a range of interactions and relationships, both formal and informal, that can help a person both survive and thrive. As a junior faculty member, I am a mentor to students, while still being mentored myself by others as I work toward my career and personal goals. Both mentoring and being mentored have been very meaningful to me. I am eager to share my experiences and guidance in any way that can be helpful or meaningful for someone else. In particular, I had the experience of caregiving for an ill family member while completing my PhD and would like to be a resource to students who are in this situation.

Topics I am willing to discuss with students:

Minority Experiences

  • Being a woman and related discrimination.

Personal Circumstances

  • Caregiving for other loved ones.

Academic Culture

  • Decoding and demystifying academic culture and norms.
  • Taking a non-traditional path to grad school.
  • Uncertainty about staying in grad school.