Faculty Profile

Amy Hequembourg headshot.

Amy Hequembourg

Associate Professor, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
School of Nursing


  • PhD, Sociology, University at Buffalo, 2002

Professional experience:

  • Senior Research Scientist, Research Institute on Addictions, University at Buffalo

What mentoring means to me:

I mentor students because I know from personal experience how much this can mean for a successful career. I have had the privilege of working with many talented mentors at different stages of career who made it possible for me to be where I am today. I also have had some mentors who weren't as helpful, but I still earned important lessons from them that I'd like to think has made me a better mentor today. I want to pass it forward. I treasure the experience of watching students flourish and succeed. I currently serve on several PhD committees in my school and also work with junior investigators in my research area outside UB.

Topics I am willing to discuss with students:

Minority Experiences

  • Being a woman and related discrimination.
  • Sexual and/or gender minority status and related discrimination.

Personal Circumstances

  • Caregiving for other loved ones.

Academic Culture

  • Dealing with politics and conflict with faculty or peers.
  • Decoding and demystifying academic culture and norms.
  • Taking a non-traditional path to grad school.