Faculty Profile

Amy Graves Monroe.

Amy Graves Monroe

Associate Professor
Romance Languages and Literatures


  • PhD, French, University of Chicago, 2004

Professional experience:

  • Associate Professor, Academia, University at Buffalo

What mentoring means to me:

Mentoring is a bond with future colleagues who are still in their formative years. I find that the contact with junior scholars is energizing and thought provoking, and often gives me a positive feeling. I endured a grueling graduate school experience, often filled with doubts and hesitations that an unforgiving academic environment did little to assuage. I survived, though; and you can too! However, no one said you have to go at it alone! I'm a compassionate ear, a truth teller, an ass-kicker and a cheerleader; we all need this kind of motivation in our lives at different points. The trick is knowing when the moment for each has arrived. The best part of mentoring is the part when you get to help the mentee prepare to be a good mentor.

Topics I am willing to discuss with students:

Academic Culture

  • Considering a non-academic path after grad school.
  • Dealing with politics and conflict with faculty or peers.
  • Decoding and demystifying academic culture and norms.
  • Taking a non-traditional path to grad school.
  • Uncertainty about staying in grad school.

Other Topics

  • Professional development, and self-presentation and awareness.

Personal Experiences

  • Caregiving for children.
  • Experiences related to being a woman.
  • Experiences related to class and/or socioeconomic status.
  • Experiences related to mental health and/or abilities.
  • Experiences related to racial, ethnic, cultural and/or religious minority status.
  • Experiences related to sexual and/or gender minority status.
  • Financial stress and strain.