RLL 199 UB Seminar - Global Perspectives

This course is affiliated with The Academies. It features experiential learning and may include field trips, guest speakers and mentored exploration. The globalized world presents a unique set of challenges to people who aspire to make well informed choices and act ethically. The dynamic space of globalization is one in which the reliability of information is constantly called into question, and our choices can have consequences for people in far away places whom we will never meet. In the broadest possible terms, the objective of this course is to help students think through how to be the people that they want to be in the context of globalization. In order to achieve that objective, students will pursue a series of readings that contextualize the workings of globalization. Armed with that information, we will take on a series of topics that we'll call "the forces of globalization"--the things that make the world go round. For each topic, in the manner of a case study, we'll consider a challenge presented to the global community and a person or entity that is responding to that challenge. For each individual or organization that we consider, we'll look at opportunities for volunteer work, internships, or employment that an interested person could pursue in the mid to long term.