APY 575 Living in the Anthropocene: The Human and Multispecies Relationships in “Catastrophic” Times

Dr. Ana Mariella Bacigalupo

This interdisciplinary course engages with debates about the Anthropocene the idea that humans have irrevocably (and negatively) altered the earth in the current epoch and debates about the future of (various) humans, their relationships to other species, and planetary transformation. How does anthropogenic climate change affect other living beings, including humans? How do we think about anthropos, or the human, in such times? When did the Anthropocene begin, and which humans brought it into being? How are differently situated humans being changed by the rapid environmental changes under way? How are our notions of the human intertwined with those about other forms of life? What kind of worlds are being made and unmade, and for what beings? In exploring these and other questions, we will analyze works by anthropologists, geographers, philosophers, lawyers, feminists, STS thinkers, economists, sociologists, chemists, geologists, and other scientists.