GGS 241 Women in Developing Countries

Dr. Jaynelle D. Nixon

Survey of women's socio-economic and political status in developing counties. Examination of policies and practices that shape their lives, as well as discourses that construct their experiences. Analyzes women's organizing, advocacy and social mobilization to engender change and equity. Introduction to a broad, interdisciplinary and international literature focusing on current and emerging issues related to women's work and globalization; poverty and inequality; displacement and environmental degradation; social practices such as female genital mutilation; and HIV/AIDS, within national, regional, and global contexts. Course will dwell on a variety of teaching material such as videos, life histories, case studies and policy documents combined with authoritative scholarly sources. The course will combine lectures and discussions, as well as creative projects to promote an interactive learning environment, and to encourage critical thinking among students in analyzing salient issues and theories pertinent to women's conditions in developing countries, and strategies to effect social change.