The Exposome | Faculty Poster | 2017

An Integrated Health, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability Approach (IHEESA) for Understanding the Health Inequity of E-waste Recycling and Repair Workers in Bangladesh

Nirupam Aich, Tashfia Mohona, Sara Behdad, Katarzyna Kordas, Ying Cao, Pavani Ram, Janet Yang, Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Mahbubur Rahman
pictures of e-waste.

E-waste and Global Health Issues

• Electronic waste (E-waste) is a globalenvironmental and health inequity issue

• Annual global production is ~49 (2012) and ~65 (2017) million metric tons

• Formal e-waste recycling is expensive, informal recycling abounds

• 60-90% of global e-waste is illegally traded from high- to low- and middleincome countries (LMICs)

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