Eberhard Society

Hayes Hall.

Thank you for considering membership to our elite group of donors, the Eberhard Society. Our Eberhard Society members truly play a critical part in the quality of our school, faculty, staff and, most importantly, our students.

Your gift of $1,000 or more ($500 for graduates of the last decade) helps maintain and enhance the high standards of academic excellence critical for B/A+P to be at the forefront of tomorrow's industry and economy.

Your generosity helps us fulfill our commitment to serve ambitious students through special programs and scholarships. Eberhard Society members also help fund a growing faculty, both in size and quality, up-to-date facilities, studios and technologies, and cutting edge research.

Become an Eberhard Society Member

Benefits associated with Eberhard Society Membership:

  • Access to complimentary campus parking pass
  • Discounted donor appreciation night at the university bookstore
  • Additional special events, tickets, and offers
  • The benefit of knowing you make a positive difference in the welfare of the school