Conference Sponsorship Opportunity for UBMD

Source: National Human Genome Research Institute

GEM will provide the opportunity for one (1) UB Internal Medicine or Family Medicine resident and one (1) UB Internal Medicine or Family Medicine practicing physician to attend the Individualizing Medicine Conference hosted by the Mayo Clinic for Individualized Medicine in Rochester, MN.

This unique conference provides an opportunity for physicians to learn more about how to translate the promise of genomic medicine, including pharmacogenomics, into practice. 

* NOTE: The application window has closed and applicants have been notified of their selection for 2017.

Who is eligible?

Applicants should be current residents in the UB Internal Medicine or Family Medicine programs, and should have an anticipated preference for primary care upon completion of training; or practicing primary care physicians within the UBMD Physicians Group. Applicants must agree to give an informal talk to the GEM Community of Excellence to share interesting findings and practical applications that may be of interest to a local audience. 

How will selection be made?

The GEM team will review applicants and make a selection. Winners of the sponsorship award will be notified via email by May 30, 2017.

What costs are covered?

  • Registration cost (register before July 1 for $595; after June 30 cost is $695)
  • Cost of hotel accommodations up to $200
  • Per diem allowance of $30 for food x 2 days = $60
  • Travel arrangements up to $250
  • Total available: $1,205 per person

All original paper/ electronic receipts and proofs of payment must be retained and submitted, along with any appropriate forms, to GEM in order to receive reimbursement. No exceptions.

How will funding be released?

To receive the sponsorship funding, applicants must attend the conference in full, retain all receipts and records obtained throughout the registration process, and complete all relevant paperwork provided by GEM.