Julian Stadon & Roland van Dierendonck

Julian Stadon is an Australian artist, designer, curator, researcher and educator who lecture for the Interface Cultures and the Media Design Teaching Programmes at The University of Art and Design, Linz.  Julian has a transdisciplinary approach to teaching and research, across several fields that intersect Art, Interaction/Interface Design, Game Studies, Next Generation Interfaces, Creative Coding, Physical Computing, Mixed Reality and Immersion, Innovative Media, Fashion Technology, Sustainability, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food Science, Culinary Aesthetics, Image Culture, Post-Digital Aesthetics and Media Theory, all within the context of Augmentation Aesthetics and Post-Anthropocenic Design.

Roland van Dierendonck is an artist and PhD candidate at the Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University, combining haptics (touch) with microscopic life. Roland’s art practice centers around practice-based serendipity through tinkering, exploring new interactions between the human and the non-human. He has worked with touch in the tactile music cognition installation Sweet Spots, and used food as a medium for art in the Ecosystematic Lunch. More generally, Roland has had a long interest in bio-digital hybrid collaborations, including (slow) biotic game research, TeleAgriCulture (with Julian Stadon) and, currently, Chronomicroscopy. Recently he was part of the special interest group on Microbe-Human Computer Interaction at CHI 2021.